Friday, May 8, 2009

Alex Pesusich

Alex Pesusich, originally from Denver Colorado, has trained in nearly all forms of dance. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1995, Alex worked as both a dancer and choreographer for many different recording artists.

Such artists include: Foxy Brown, Toni Braxton, Will Smith, The Backstreet Boys, Carmen Electra, Atomic Kitten, Bif Naked, The Matthew Good Band, and many more. Television and film credits include Fox’s VIBE with Sinbad, where Alex performed with artists such as Martha Wash of C+C Music Factory, Sharon Stone, LSG, Run DMC, DJ’s Jazzy Jeff, DJ RUN and DJ Scribble.

Alex’s most recent feature film is “Kickin It Old School” starring Jamie Kennedy. Other feature films Alex has worked on include “Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed”, “ Reefer Madness”, “The Score” and“Dr. Doolittle 3″.

Alex was able to share his choreographic skills with prime time audiences by choreographing an episode for “Kyle XY”. Most recently, he choreographed (as well as made a cameo appearance in) the #1 single for Elise Estrada, “Insatiable”. He also choreographed her Canadian tour opening up for Rhianna and Enrique Iglesias. Alex’s notoriety as someone who has such a wide range of knowledge in almost all forms of hip hop dance, as well as years of practical experience, has pushed him to the world stage to judge the World Hip Hop Championships held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Most recently, Alex and his wife Joanne choreographed an entire episode of the television series "The L Word", working with legends Marlee Maitlin, Jennifer Beals and Pam Grier, among others.

His talents have brought him all over the globe, teaching and performing in places like Paris, Afghanistan, Dubai, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Rotterdam and Amsterdam! Alex is excited to share his knowledge and experience with all of the students at GSP and Street Groove!

Alex is the Co-Founder of GSP- The Dance Convention, and Street Groove- The Hip Hop Convention together with his wife, Joanne.

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